Faster Than Light is a pop-rock band based out of Rockland County, NY. FTL is the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Keith Lenn, a mainstay in the Rockland music scene for over 30 years. Fronted by Ken Reedy, and with long-time drummer Doug Maresca and workhorse bassist David Greenberg,  FTL puts together a brand of pop-rock not heard since the early 1990s. Fans liken FTL's sound to that of the Gin Blossoms, the Lemonheads, and Pearl Jam.

November CD Update and Cool Pic 

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that the new songs for the upcoming FTL CD are sounding great! We are hunkering down, not sharing much new music publicly, so be patient. And here is something supercool - check out Faith Federica Sciamanna, lead vocalist of Italy's The Shiver, holding up our CD! Like I said, supercool! Faith's website is here - FaithFedericaSciamanna.com and she's got some real cool new music out! Check her out! She rocks... hard!

Update on the new CD... 

I'm very excited that the band has begun to record the new CD. As of yet is untitled, but you have seen a lot of the "No Signal" promo pictures I have been posting all over social media and the FTL website... I'm not saying how "No Signal" connects with the Jessica Concept or this new collection of songs... for that you will need to be patient!

I've changed studios and engineers for this new collection of music. Johnny "Rod" at JROD Productions in Pomona, NY did a stellar job on the first CD and if you are ever in the position where you need a studio or engineer, JROD is top notch. He does a lot of work with some famous musicians such as DMC (Yes, that DMC from RUN DMC), Overkill, Generation Kill, and of course, Faster Than Light! Ha ha! I am now recording with Marco Ferreira from Goodbye Thrill and Zero at his home studio. It was just something that happened. We were in the studio, Marco said we should start recording some FTL songs, and it just happened. We have two songs almost completely done and the goal is to record between 14 and 16 songs and choose 13. The line up is the same, and the songs are killer. If you enjoyed the first CD, then you will love this one as well! Jessica makes her appearances, as do some familiar faces and places... Marco is engineering and it looks like he will be garnering some co-production credit as well, as he really has a unique take on my music. I look forward to this coming week when Ken gets into the studio and puts his stamp on the vocals!

Be patient... this is not going to be a quick process. I am hoping that this CD will be recorded, mixed, mastered, and reproduced/distributed by July, 2021. But I will continue to tease you with my promos as the songs build and the product establishes itself.

Until next time,





Faster Than Light has just about finished the first two songs for the follow up CD to 2017's "Now We're Speaking French." I am not going to give away too much about the songs or the making of the CD, but I will say that there are a LOT of guitars on this bad boy and the songs may be just a slight departure from the first disc, but in a good way! It is definably Faster Than Light and I have high hopes for this collection of music! In the meantime, if you have not picked up a copy of "Now We're Speaking French" visit the FTL store on the website and grab a copy!


We started! 

It's been a couple of years and I finally got my head into the right mindset to start recording the follow up to Faster Than Light's "Now We're Speaking French" which was released on March 31, 2017. 

Having started my second stint in the Zero band (NY-based), a conversation with guitarist Marco Ferreira (Zero, Goodbye Thrill) convinced me to begin recording the CD in his home studio. Drummer Doug Maresca and I took a few hours to go over drum tracks for the first two songs and literally days later we were in the studio to record the first two tracks. 

There is no timetable for the completion of the CD, which is as of now untitled. It should be a much quicker process than the debut CD with some record labels interested in this project and nudging for a quick turnaround. I am actually amazed that we took this first step... my head is really into the creative process right now and the CD will likely contain a bunch of songs that were written in the same time period as much of the first CD was written. There are some new songs as well, and I promise Jessica will make an appearance in the songs!

Here are some pictures from the drum tracking and I will be posting more often since we are all in! 

The Darkest Side on Aldora Britain's "Downtown" 

I am excited to announce that Faster Than Light's song "The Darkest Side" has been included on the Aldora Britain Records digital compilation "Downtown."

When Tom Hilton of Aldora Britain Records contacted me to see about including a track from "Now We're Speaking French" I jumped at the opportunity! The digital compilation features twenty tracks from indie artists around the globe and "The Darkest Side" is track number 16. It is available on Bandcamp by clicking on this link: 

Aldora Britain Records "Downtown" Digital Compilation

I encourage you to give all of the artists on this compilation a listen. My favorite, except of course "The Darkest Side," is a track by Walter Schnitzelsson titled "Short Story." There's lots of cool stuff on this compilation! You can purchase the compilation for just 1.5 British Pounds... it's like a couple of bucks in American money!

There are plans for another collaboration with Aldora Britain Records in the works, most likely in the form of an interview in Tom's e-zine. More on that to come!


Wow! It has been a while! Great News! 

Hey, friends and fans! Apologies for the long (way too long) break in posts and band news, but there have been a few exciting developments that I am finally ready to share with everyone. But first, an explanation.

Writing, producing, recording and financing a new CD project has challenges. I've considered many times just packing it in and calling it a day, but those thoughts are generally short-lived. That being said, I am proud to announce that recording of the follow-up to "Now We're Speaking French" will begin this week! I've been working with drummer Doug Maresca on the arrangements for two songs as we experiment with a new studio and engineer. If the results are up to previous standards, we will continue on in our new environment. If not, we will go back to what served us well during the first go around. Why the change in studio and engineer? It's purely a creative decision. Sometimes an artist needs to look at things more... well, artistically, and a fresh setting can be a good thing. So this is exciting! On many levels! 

I don't want to give too much away! I'll keep you informed along the way as we take a journey to 612 Morris Street. I promise, it will make more sense to you as we travel through space and time together! I better let Jessica know...


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Previous events

Losing Our Faculties (aka The Faculty Band)

The Setback Inn, 33 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Losing Our Faculties hits the Setback Inn in Tarrytown, NY for the second time in 2017 bringing an eclectic mix (I know...we need a new catch phrase...) of rock, country, and metal to the bar. Got Sabbath? Yep. Charlie Daniels? Yep. Jethro Tull? Yep. And more!

Fundraiser to fight Cancer featuring Dirty Martini (Ken Reedy)

Casa Mia Manor House, 577 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY

FTL vocalist Ken Reedy spends countless hours raising money for great causes - help support cancer research by coming out to watch his band, Dirty Martini, perform and help raise money for a fine cause!

The Subterraneans (David Greenberg on bass)

Fink's BBQ, 32 Orange Avenue, Suffern, NY

David's band, The Subterraneans, plays a great night of original music at Fink's in Suffern, NY. If you like the Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead, you will love their original music. Keith might even be doing sound for the band that night!

Losing Our Faculties (aka The Faculty Band)

The Setback Inn, 33 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Losing Our Faculties plays its first bar gig of 2017 at Tarrytown's Setback Inn. The Setback Inn is LOF's "home base" and you will all be in for a treat as the band brings a strange mix of rock, metal and country to Tarrytown!



D and D's, 191 South Main Street, New City, NY

D&D's is one of the best venues out there and it is always an EPIC evening when CRUSH rocks this locale! Journey, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Eddie Money, Poison, Motely Crue, Foreigner, Joan Jett, Evanescence, the list goes on... figure around 50 pop, rock, and metal classics! Keith on bass and Doug on drums!



Rudy's, 156 Central Park Avenue, Hartsdale, NY

CRUSH rocked Rudy's in May and plans on doing the same in October with its brand of bar rock classic rock and high energy anthem rock - Twisted Sister, Ratt, Poison, Heart, Joan Jett, Foreigner, Loverboy, Journey - it's going down! Keith on bass and Doug on drums!


CRUSH (Keith on bass, Doug on drums)

Fair Lawn Athletic Club (Club 1419), 14-19 Parmelee Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ

CRUSH is excited to announce its debut at The Fair Lawn Athletic Club (Club 1419) on December 10, 2016! It was a regular patron of the club that turned on Club 1419 to our website and we are excited to bring out brand of anthem rock and arena classics to New Jersey! Bon Jovi, Poison, Journey, and more of the like!



The Captain's Table, 547 NY-17M, Monroe, NY

CRUSH is psyched to bring the arena to the Captain's Table in Monroe, NY! It will be great to rock out with Orange County once again as the band smokes through Van Halen, Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Heart, Poison, Joan Jett and all of your favorite tunes! Keith on bass and Doug on drums!



Rudy's, 156 South Central Avenue, Hartsdale, NY

CRUSH plays its first gig at Rudy's in Hartsdale, NY - be prepared for a night of bar rock and rock anthems from the bands you love - Bon Jovi, Foreigner, U2, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister and more! Keith on bass and Doug on drums!