FTL in the studio tonight!

I am excited to announce that I actually got a few hours of studio time in to work on a new Faster Than Light song with vocalist David Brown from “Up ‘n’ Mary's Room” and Marco Ferreira from “Uninvited.” With two tracks completely finished for an upcoming release, tonight saw work on the next single titled “Desiree.” The song was written around thirty years ago when I was living in Albany, New York and it is about a five year old girl named Desiree in a pre-K class I was teaching in and all of the boys in the class thought that she was their girlfriend… so it is a little bit on the cute side, but we also allowed Desiree to grow up a bit in the song… Here are some studio pictures from tonight. I hope we can get the song released by the end of March.

David Brown reviewing some freshly-laid down vocal tracks…

Marco Ferreira at the helm… sweeping with threshing oar!

Studio Selfie!

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