July 2022

Happy July 2022! So... once again it has been a long time since I have written here and updated the page.

Due to a medical emergency back in April I have taken things slow... too slow... I've taken a short break from recording the new Faster Than Light CD, but please know five songs are in varying stages of recording and mixing/mastering. So while we are behind schedule, we are still on track to get this new music out to you all!

I've actually played a few gigs with Zero since my short hospital stay and we are playing again at Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY on July 29th. If you find yourself just north of NYC that day, please drop by and say hello! I've also started jamming with a band up in Connecticut called Vinyl Notice. It's a lot different than any other band I have been in, though there is some overlap. It's catchy, danceable 80s and 90s rock and pop with some other stuff thrown about...

Also, I would be remiss not to send out a thank you to Tom Hilton, Tom Aldora,and Aldora-Britain Records for all of the recent Facebook love! It has not gone unnoticed!

Until next time!




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