Faster Than Light is (left to right): Doug Maresca (drums), Keith Lenn (guitar), Ken Reedy (vocals) and David Greenberg (bass).

Doug Maresca (drums): Prominent past bands include No Apologies, Red Thunder, Surrender, The Boulevard, and SRO. Doug's drumming can be heard on OTHRS: In Your Sights (2006) and Faster Than Light: Now We're Speaking French (2017)

Keith Lenn (guitar): Also plays currently with  Zero (bass guitar). Prominent past bands include Detour, Threshold, Red Thunder, Surrender, Sonny Lee and the Layovers, No Apologies, and SRO. Keith's discography can be found at

Ken Reedy (vocals): Also sings currently for SRO (Standing Room Only) and Dirty Martini. Ken's vocals can be heard on Faster Than Light: Now We're Speaking French (2017)

David Greenberg (bass): Also plays currently with Fried Wires and the Sub-Ts. Prominent past bands include The Violet Hour, Jet Stream, and Sonny Lee and The Layovers. Dave played bass on the Faster Than Light track "Done Something Wrong" from the "Now We're Speaking French CD (2017)