The Darkest Side on Aldora Britain's "Downtown"

I am excited to announce that Faster Than Light's song "The Darkest Side" has been included on the Aldora Britain Records digital compilation "Downtown."

When Tom Hilton of Aldora Britain Records contacted me to see about including a track from "Now We're Speaking French" I jumped at the opportunity! The digital compilation features twenty tracks from indie artists around the globe and "The Darkest Side" is track number 16. It is available on Bandcamp by clicking on this link: 

Aldora Britain Records "Downtown" Digital Compilation

I encourage you to give all of the artists on this compilation a listen. My favorite, except of course "The Darkest Side," is a track by Walter Schnitzelsson titled "Short Story." There's lots of cool stuff on this compilation! You can purchase the compilation for just 1.5 British Pounds... it's like a couple of bucks in American money!

There are plans for another collaboration with Aldora Britain Records in the works, most likely in the form of an interview in Tom's e-zine. More on that to come!


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