FTL in the studio tonight!

I am excited to announce that I actually got a few hours of studio time in to work on a new Faster Than Light song with vocalist David Brown from “Up ‘n’ Mary's Room” and Marco Ferreira from “Uninvited.” With…

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July 2022

Happy July 2022! So... once again it has been a long time since I have written here and updated the page.

Due to a medical emergency back in April I have taken things slow... too slow... I've taken a short…

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It's been a very very long time since I've posted here. There have been a lot of ups and downs the last few months... lots of frustrations recording the new Faster Than Light cd... I won't go into details, but…

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Faster Than Light news!

There's a lot of Faster Than Light news lately as the band continues recording their follow-up CD to 2017's "Now We're Speaking French." The first single, "Someone I Know," has already hit radio and charted at number 4 on the…

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Faster Than Light and Aldora Britain Records!

Once again, Faster Than Light has teamed up with Tom Hilton at Aldora Britain Records to bring a Faster Than Light tune to the world of indie and underground music! FTL's new single, "Someone I Know," appears on the new…

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September 17th and October 1st!

Faster Than Light has new music! FTL is debuting a track from the upcoming and, as of yet, unnamed and unfinished CD! The track is called Someone I Know and we hope you love it! The song will be debuted…

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