Update on the new CD...

I'm very excited that the band has begun to record the new CD. As of yet is untitled, but you have seen a lot of the "No Signal" promo pictures I have been posting all over social media and the FTL website... I'm not saying how "No Signal" connects with the Jessica Concept or this new collection of songs... for that you will need to be patient!

I've changed studios and engineers for this new collection of music. Johnny "Rod" at JROD Productions in Pomona, NY did a stellar job on the first CD and if you are ever in the position where you need a studio or engineer, JROD is top notch. He does a lot of work with some famous musicians such as DMC (Yes, that DMC from RUN DMC), Overkill, Generation Kill, and of course, Faster Than Light! Ha ha! I am now recording with Marco Ferreira from Goodbye Thrill and Zero at his home studio. It was just something that happened. We were in the studio, Marco said we should start recording some FTL songs, and it just happened. We have two songs almost completely done and the goal is to record between 14 and 16 songs and choose 13. The line up is the same, and the songs are killer. If you enjoyed the first CD, then you will love this one as well! Jessica makes her appearances, as do some familiar faces and places... Marco is engineering and it looks like he will be garnering some co-production credit as well, as he really has a unique take on my music. I look forward to this coming week when Ken gets into the studio and puts his stamp on the vocals!

Be patient... this is not going to be a quick process. I am hoping that this CD will be recorded, mixed, mastered, and reproduced/distributed by July, 2021. But I will continue to tease you with my promos as the songs build and the product establishes itself.

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