Getting excited!

I think I have the running order of the Faster Than Light cd! There will be 13 songs with a running time somewhere around 42 minutes and possibly a 14th track, yet to be determined. Not all of the songs are completed yet, but I am far enough along where I have already communicated with my GRAMMY AWARD WINNING MASTER-ER (more on that another time though OTHRS fans already know who I am talking about). I've played the songs for just a few close friends and I'm hearing comparisons to the Gin Blossoms, the Lemonheads, and Soul Asylum (seeing them in concert Thursday night!) and I am blown away at that! There is still a lot of work to be done - more guitar and bass work, choosing the vocal tracks that will make the cd, and tightening up some snare drum sounds...but I'm amazed at how this is sounding and I cannot wait to share this with the world! --Keith

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